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Post  Phyrexian on Thu Dec 26, 2013 7:16 am

How to post a topic

When posting a topic, you should first of all decide where does the topic go. Here is a list of all the sections which you can post in in these forums, and a brief description of what goes in each one.

Videos Feed - If you have a video which you want to post, post it here, along with some description explaining what the video is about, or why you decided to make it. Don't just post 1 video without any comments whatsoever, that's just being lazy. Also, posts in this section are meant to be more of walkthroughs/gameplays of Radical Aces, not discusssions. Here you post a video, a bunch of people watch the video and comment and then the topic is pretty much over. If you want to start a discussion related to your video, post the whole thing (both the video and the stuff you have to say about the subject the video is related to) in the RA discussion section.

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