Diffrences between RA2 and RA1

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Diffrences between RA2 and RA1

Post  Phyrexian on Thu Dec 26, 2013 7:19 am

between RA2 and RA1
In Radical Aces 1, the beings from planet Zappor are trying to take over Earth because their home planet is running out of resources. But before they can begin their attack on Earth, they have to take out the Mars space station.

In Radical Aces 2, however, we are told that it is believed they want to destroy the space station because they want to inhabit Mars, then use it as as a stepping stone to attacking Earth. However, after beating the last mission of RA2 we find out that the Zapporians thought that the space station was a weapon and that we are going to attack them and their planet.
Radical Aces 1 wrote:The question now is, are you the Radical Ace that can save humanity?
Radical Aces 2 wrote:You have a fleet of 10 highly effective super crafts ready for action; the radical aces.
Also, in RA 1 the term "Radical Ace" refers to the pilot, whereas in RA2 "Radical Aces" refers to the fleet of 10 aircraft you are to use to fight off the invasion. Finally, Radical Aces 1 takes place in 3003 while Radical Aces 2 takes place in 3010.

Radical Aces 2 has got way better graphics than Radical Aces 1. Radical Aces 1 uses RadicalPlay's RAD 3D Engine which runs on Java (same engine was used in RP's Need for Madness), while Radical Aces 2 uses 3DVIA Virtools technology (3DVIA is some company which focuses on making 3D stuff). Radical Aces 2 features new textures, backgrounds, interface, models and lots more. The dimensions also changed from 500x360 (RA1) to 640x480 (RA2).

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